How you can help Namola Agents, fast!

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You too can help in an emergency, by ensuring that Namola’s Response Centre Agents get you the fastest possible help. The following are our top 3 tips on the information you can give the Namola Response Centre Agent to help them coordinate your help, even faster:

Update your profile information. We have heard your cries for cutting down the questions when we call. To do this we need you to update your Namola App and fill in the Personal Information section in your profile tab. This information helps our Response Centre Agents to get you the best and fastest emergency response. Your data is safe with us! All your personal information is 100% safe and will only be made available to the Response Centre Agent and relevant first responders when you request emergency assistance. Your personal information is never used or disclosed for any other reason.

Verify the incident. Once you have requested assistance through Namola, the Response Centre Agent needs to be able to verify your emergency type. There are two ways that you can communicate this to them. The first is by answering their phone call and the second, if you are unable to speak, is via the in-app chat feature.

Verify the location. The Response Centre Agent needs to confirm your location. They already know where you are from your GPS coordinates and you therefore just need to listen carefully when they read out the address and confirm it is correct. If you are requesting assistance on behalf of someone else, in a different location, you will need to have the address and give it to the Response Centre Agent.

We like to encourage our users to test Namola, to ensure that you know how Namola works in an emergency. Our Response Centre Agents are ready to assist you 24/7 anywhere in South Africa. Don’t believe us? Why not download Namola free now and test it for yourself.

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