Driving in severe weather? [READ] these safety tips.

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South Africa is experiencing some severe weather conditions over the country. This kind of weather demands your undivided attention when driving, so be sure to reduce any possible distractions by turning the radio down or turning off that phone to keep your attention fully on the road. The best possible solution to stay safe in risky whether is to stay off the road entirely, but if you can’t avoid the road, follow these tips when driving in bad weather:

Take your time. Slowing down is the only way to keep your vehicle from hydroplaning or skidding on ice.

Turn your lights on. Turn your headlights on to help other vehicles see you.

Give other vehicles more space. Add a 2 -3 car space between you and the car in front of.

Beware of Black Ice. Black ice is a thin layer of ice on the road surface. Because it is smooth and transparent, it appears the same colour as the road below. Black ice can be almost invisible to drivers, which makes it particularly dangerous. As a guide, if the temperature is low and the road surface looks ‘wet’, be careful and drive with caution as it could be black ice.

Halt in the Hail. If hail is severe, stop driving and pull over to a safe place. Keep your car angled so that the hail is hitting the front of your car. Windshields are reinforced to withstand forward driving and pelting objects. Side windows and backglass are not and are much more susceptible to breakage

Be prepared for accidents. Accidents on the roads are inevitable in bad weather. Make sure you are prepared to get help fast. The faster someone is able to get help to a scene, the better. You can download Namola and request assistance in any emergency.

Stay safe and warm, and if you have to be out on the roads, be careful.

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