6 common questions about your location settings in Namola

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1.Why should I keep my location settings on permanently for Namola?

Namola will not work if your location settings are not on, which means if you have an emergency you will need to go into your settings and switch on your location settings before you can request assistance through Namola. This will take you time. Time that you may not have in an emergency, which is why we encourage you to keep your location settings on permanently.

2. Does switching on my location permanently for Namola use my data?

No. You will only use a small amount of data when the Namola App is open and you are using it to Request Assistance. If Namola is running in the background (i.e. it has not been forced closed), you will still not incur any data costs.

3. Does leaving my location on permanently drain my battery?

The way Namola uses locations also has virtually no impact on your battery life.

4. Can you find my phone if it is stolen and my location is on?

No. We will only be able to locate you when you request assistance through Namola. If your Namola App is not open and you have not held down the “Request Assistance” button, we will not be able to locate you.

5. Will people be able to hack my phone if my location is on permanently?

No. Just as we are not able to locate your stolen phone, people will not be able to hack your smartphone if you leave your location settings on permanently. We can only find you through your GPS coordinates when you request assistance through the Namola App.

6. If my location settings are on but I do not have data will you be able to assist me in an emergency

You will need a small amount of data to be able to request assistance from Namola, even if your location settings are on. However, if you do not have data, you will be directed to one of the free National emergency numbers such as 10111 or 112.

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