When Namola needs Namola.

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Being part of the Namola team, we get daily job satisfaction seeing how many people across South Africa we are able to #GetHelpFast. It’s a very personal job, as one is constantly thinking about how the person in trouble could one day be you. That one day came on a sunny Saturday morning for Namola Team member, Siobhan.

Siobhan was used to hearing screams of delight from her neighbours’ kids as they swam in the pool, but when she heard her neighbours shouting for help she knew that there was something terribly wrong.

“A child drowning is any parent’s worst nightmare. So when I heard them screaming about a child who had fallen in the pool, I grabbed my phone before I ran over to their house. On my way I opened Namola and requested assistance”, says Siobhan. “The Response Centre Agent called me within seconds and I requested an ambulance.”

The Namola Response Centre Agent dispatched an ER24 ambulance to the scene.

“ER24 were great,” says Siobhan. “ They phoned me minutes after Namola had logged the call with them. They said that they were 20 minutes away and asked me if I needed pre-arrival medical assistance.” Luckily when Siobhan arrived the parents had managed to resuscitate the child, but not knowing how long the child had been in the pool, they were still concerned about the child and requested the paramedics still come to the scene. “It was great not to need the pre-arrival service that the ER24 medically trained professional offered me over the phone, but it was such a comfort to know that had I needed to perform CPR or offer any medical assistance myself, a qualified medic was on the other end of the phone to talk me through it.”

ER24 also dispatched a vehicle with Advanced Life Support (ALS) system aboard. “The car got there in 12 minutes from the time that I made the call,” says Siobhan. “ The Ambulance got there about 4 minutes later. This is a great service from ER24 which is very reassuring in the case of very serious incidents like possible drownings.”

The little girl was checked out and luckily had no injuries.

“There is no time to waste when a child is in distress, “ says Siobhan. “ I am so glad that I knew how Namola worked and how to use it quickly. Even though all of our employees work with Namola on a daily basis, we encourage them to test Namola. We want to make sure getting help fast is a habit.”

Namola will ensure that you #GetHelpFast every time. Be prepared, download Namola for any emergency.

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