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We hear on a daily basis how smartphones and technology negatively affect our children. So when a teacher from KZN reached out to tell us her story, we couldn’t wait to share her idea with educators in South Africa.

Jessica*, a Geography teacher in KZN, very cleverly uses Namola as a practical tool to teach her Geography class about Geographic Information Technology.

“With the help of Namola I now have a case study for the learners to better understand and explain the use of GPS technology,” explains Jessica. “Ideally, the aim is to introduce the students to what GPS technology is as well as to use Namola to show them the way in which GPS technology is used in everyday situations.”

Jessica also encourages her students to have Namola on their smartphones and to spread the word on how Namola works to their friends and family.

“The fact that Namola is something that they can use in their lives to stay safe shows them practically how GPS technology is being used to create a highly accessible service to the South African population,” continues Jessica.

“This story is an important one to tell. Education is the most powerful tool that we have to ensure that our children grow up in a safer South Africa,” says Peter Matthaei, CEO of Namola. “The fact that Jessica is using Namola to make a textbook come to life is truly remarkable. On top of that she is educating our youth on how to get help fast in an emergency. Many other educators could learn a lot from this phenomenal teacher.”

Thank you Jessica for thinking out the box when using Namola and for equipping your students with the tools to get help fast! We give you a A+ for your effort.

Namola is the simplest way to get help fast in an emergency, anywhere in South Africa. Download Namola FREE

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