Yusuf Abramjee calls on law enforcement agencies to do more and fight the Illicit Trade. He addressed FAWU this week.

The leadership of the Food and Allied Workers Union (FAWU) is meeting in Benoni on the East Rand this week.

A seminar was held on Tuesday focusing on the Illicit Trade. 
Here are extracts from my address to the national executive committee:
*Crime affects each and every citizen.   On average, 52 people are murdered every day, one person is raped every 15 minutes and hundreds of business robberies and house invasions take place weekly.
*The majority of police officers are honest and hardworking. But, there are also many criminal cops. They must be rooted out. 
*Fikile Mbalula is a young, dynamic, energetic Police Minister. I remain hopeful he will make a difference.
*The National Development Plan (NDP) is great on paper. It needs to be put into action. The new national police commissioner was unfortunately not appointed according to the guidelines set out in the NDP.
*Mbalula must move with speed and appoint a police board as recommended in the NDP.
*Poverty contributes to crime. But many criminals are robbing our people because of greed. They drive fancy cars and live in luxury houses.
*South Africa is losing billions of rands annually because of the Illicit Trade. 
*The illegal cigarette trade is growing and law enforcement agencies are not doing enough. There are some breakthroughs but not enough. There is also suspicion that rogue cops are working with these syndicates.
*The Illicit Trade is already leading to job loses. British American Tobacco, for example, had to cut jobs at its Heidelburg factory because they are feeling the impact of the illegal trade.
*SARS, the SAPS and Metro Police need to do much more. The law must come down hard on criminals. 
*The Asset Forfeiture Unit confiscated the possessions of a suspected illegal cigarette smuggler in Port Elizabeth this week. This is welcomed. Some R18,5 million of cigarettes was confiscated by police recently in the raid.
*FAWU has an important role to play to fight crime. You need to mobilize and take to the streets. You need to get your members to become active citizens.
*Please encourage your 130 000 union members to report crime. Download the Namola Safety App free and get help fast. Namola has over 115 000 downloads and it I supported by, amongst others, Minister Mbalula and the Gauteng Community Safety Department. 
*FAWU needs to meet with government and law enforcement agencies and appeal to them to do more to fight Illicit Trade.
*We need action and we need it now. #MakeSASafe
*Yusuf Abramjee is an anti-crime activist and Namola’s Chief Ambassador. He also heads-up #MakeSASafe

Twitter: @abramjee

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