Youth Day: Supporting the Youth in Using Innovation and Technology to End Crime

“Like all 21st century problems, the solution to eradicating crime lies in innovation and collaboration.”


In the wake of brutal murders, kidnapping and increased femicide. Namola commends the youth in the increased uptake on the use of technology as a tool to end crime


The theme for the Youth Month for this year “Youth Moving South Africa Forward” implies an action-oriented approach that recognises the role that the youth of South Africa have played and are still playing to move the country forward.


The class of 1976 played a key role in standing for what they believed in, and that changed the course of the country for the better


Today the youths are standing up once again and using technology to end injustices and human rights abuses. From the vibrant handles online, policies are being drafted and changed in the country.


Some of the popular tags have been:








Namola stands commends the youth for using technology to end crime, human rights abuses and injustices in South Africa. We wish South Africans a safe and happy #YouthDay

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