Why Namola is the best tool to teach children how to get help in an emergency.

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Namola ensures that no matter who you are, big or small, that it’s easy to get emergency help. This is why Namola encourages parents to teach their children from a young age how to use Namola. Below are 5 ways that Namola is the best tool for kids to get help easily.

Namola is an app. No need to remember emergency numbers, all you need to do to get help fast in an emergency is hold the Namola button down for 3 seconds.

GPS coordinates. No need to worry about your child not being able to tell someone where they are in an emergency. The moment a Namola user pushes the button to request assistance, the app sends through the user’s GPS location, informing the Namola Operator the exact locationof the emergency.

Emergency information. You can fill in your emergency information details in the Namola Profile Tab. This will ensure that the Namola Operator knows exactly who needs assistance. If your child is too young to own their own smartphone, teach them to use Namola on yours. If something happens to you, using your phone will provide them with your emergency information.

Namola’s test feature. At Namola, we encourage our users to test as often as they like. With this feature, parents can role-play an emergency, teaching the child to get help with Namola and to become comfortable speaking to Namola’s Operators.

Watch our COO, Peter Adolphs, encouraging parents to teach their children to use Namola.

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