From the Inside:Weaving the community safety net

The beginning of the year is a time of hope for many — especially for our future leaders who are enrolling at tertiary education institutions across the country. Young adults are a catalyst for change because they see the world clearly for what it ought to be, unencumbered by the cynicism or weariness that tends to set in as we get older.

The oxygen for this candle of hope is safety. Not just safety from crime.

But also financial safety — knowing you have the means to walk the distance.

And the safety of respect — knowing that your peers will honour your boundaries.

The safety of community — knowing you don’t have to walk the road alone; that others will pick you up and carry you when you fall.

This is only possible together. Not all of us wear the proud uniform of law enforcement to fight crime. But all of us can listen without judgement, to foster a culture of respect. We can all look out for our friends, loved ones or colleagues; check in and find out, “How are really you doing?” Not turn a blind eye to injustice or harmful behaviour and shrug, “Not my problem!”

Let us make 2018 the year of community, interacting with respect and united in action. Community weaves the fragile strands of individuals together into a strong and resilient safety net. In the coming weeks and months, we will keep rolling out features to enable communities to work together to stay safe. Please keep sending us your feedback and ideas. Thank you for being with us on this journey, together.

– Pete (CEO, Namola)

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