We need to find solutions to crime and we need YOUR support, writes Yusuf Abramjee

 South Africans are increasingly becoming fed-up with the high levels of crime.

I say it again: We cannot give up. Leaving South Africa is not the answer.

While we whine, complain and point fingers, we have to start acting and be pro-active.

We need to find solutions and we need to DO our bit to #MakeSAsafe

Now is the time! Together, we can make a difference.

Every small effort will go a long way to assist. Every citizen has a role to play.

The government must strengthen partnerships and it’s a pity they are slow in mobilizing.

We must, therefore, take the lead!

I recently announced that we will be launching a new NPO focusing on pro-active ways to making our country safe.

We will support communities where we can. But, we cannot do it without your help!

They say “cash is king”. Every rand you donate will go a long way for us to be able to assist communities.

Happimo NPO has a 100% donation policy.

We want to assist civilian criminal crime-fighting bodies to provide safer neighbourhoods: from investing the money to buy drones, reflective jackets and equipment to support our men and women in blue on specific projects.

When cops die in the line of duty, their families often find it difficult to pay the basic funeral costs.

Donations depending, we will be able to assist. I have done it before in my previous capacities and we need to do it again.

The Gauteng Community Safety MEC, Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane, is supporting this.

We also need to find other specific projects to support and YOU can drive it.

We will invest in technology. The Namola Safety App has over 80 000 downloads already and soon we will be going national. In an emergency, press the panic button and get a call-back within 90 seconds. We will also announce details in early November of a corporate partner and media partnerships.

It’s good to see some companies investing money to #MakeSAsafe – they realize that crime is affecting all of us and they have to invest into the future. We need to galvanize other corporates also. Come on CEO’s!

You can contribute online and even make a monthly subscription:



Let’s join hands and #MakeSAsafe

It’s time to start rolling up our sleeves.

From Happimo:

Crime Activist Yusuf Abramjee has dedicated his life to actively doing something about crime in South Africa rather than just talking about it. 

The former head of Crime Line and former Lead SA executive, Yusuf has played a significant role in making this country a better and safer place for all citizens. 

Through Happimo NPO, the non-profit dedicated to developing crime-fighting solutions, Yusuf now calls on all South Africans to help #MakeSAsafe.

We have a 100% donation policy. All money raised will be used to assist in the fight again crime: from technology to assisting law enforcement, CPF’s and neighbourhood watches.

*Yusuf Abramjee is an anti-crime activist and Namola’s Chief Ambassador 

Twitter: @abramjee

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  1. Goolam
    Goolam says:

    1st the people u employ must go through a screen test. Also make them aware of collaboration with outsiders or boy friends etc. Nobody must be allowed to loiter around your area… every citizen should be conscious of this, working together to make our areas safer. Camera facility to monitor entry & Exit points…also our Squatter camps & Hills must be monitored 24/7. Businesses should also come to the party as we need there support to have at least 10 vehicles covering laudium & Erasmia. Also to stop suspicious people walking around or driving in our areas.


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