Tshwane resident assists at double accident scene

The more time you spend on the road, the higher your chances of witnessing accidents. And the more opportunities you get to help.

Stopping at the scene of a motor vehicle accident just outside Tshwane and requesting emergency assistance, Petrus Vermeulen didn’t realise that his one deed would serve two needs.

“About 100 meters from the N1/N4 interchange, in the direction of Polokwane, there is a spot where a large puddle of water collects in rainy weather,” says Vermeulen.

Vermeulen arrived on the scene of the accident and immediately used Namola to request help, “I have a 34-year-old male needing medical assistance after his car hit the barrier and spun numerous times”. The Namola Response Centre coordinated with emergency services and arranged for an ambulance dispatch. EMS were on the scene within 9 minutes.

The paramedics had just loaded the driver of the first accident into the ambulance, when a second vehicle hit the same puddle of water in an identical accident. Emergency services were able to immediately assist with the second accident.

The driver of the first car, Jean Pierre Greyvensteyn, sustained whiplash and cracked vertebra. He is recovering well and is grateful that Petrus was there and able to use Namola. “The app really works. SInce the accident, my wife and I have both downloaded it, as have two of my cousins,” commends Greyvensteyn.

“I have now repeatedly used Namola. Each time they are able to assist immediately and get emergency services to the scene of the accident,” says Vermeulen.

If you’re first on the scene of an accident or witness to any emergency, you have the ability to help. Use Namola to request assistance and a Response Centre Agent will call you back immediately and make sure you and the victims #GetHelpFast.

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