Teacher saves student with in-app chat feature

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Teachers. They are with our children most of the day. We rely on them to not only educate our children, but to keep them safe. Moekadi, a high school teacher in Midrand Johannesburg, did exactly that when one of her students collapsed in her classroom one Tuesday morning.

“I knew that my 17-year-old student had a bad heart and so when she collapsed and was struggling to breathe, I knew that I had to get her an ambulance fast,” says Moekadi. Moekadi tried to call an ambulance off of her phone, but the signal was bad and she was not able to get through. That’s when she remembered Namola and, because she had data, was able to Request Assistance through the Namola app.

The Namola Response Centre received Moekadi’s call for help but failed to get through by phone, due to the bad signal. The Namola Response Centre Agent engaged the Namola chat feature and was able to contact Moekadi. Moekadi was able to type her request for an ambulance, and because the Response Centre Agent knew her location, an ambulance was dispatched.

Moekadi was happy to tell Namola that her student has recovered well, and is back at school. “Without Namola on my phone, I am not sure how I would have called for an ambulance,” says Moekadi. “I have told all of my students about Namola, and in my last staff meeting I made all of the teaching staff download it.”

Namola’s chat feature is a great way for the Response Centre Agents to be able to get information from a User if they are unable to talk on the phone. Namola is available for FREE download. Make sure you download it in case you need to #GetHelpFast in an emergency.

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