A special delivery of help from Dialdirect Namola on Valentines Day

Cindy left work in a hurry on Wednesday the 14th of February so that she could go home and prepare for the most important date of her life. Cindy only made it halfway home before she had to pull over on the side of the road. Her date was early, and there was no stopping her arrival. You see Cindy was 39 weeks pregnant and baby Valentine was in a hurry to make her appearance.


“I was on my way home to pack my bag for the hospital,” says Cindy. “I thought that my baby was coming, but I had no idea that it would all happen so fast. I was almost home when I had to pull over onto the side of the road because I just could not drive any longer.”


Stuck on the side of the road in peak hour traffic


Stuck on the side of the road in peak-hour traffic in Pretoria, Cindy did the only thing that she could think of and requested assistance through the Dialdirect Namola Emergency App.


Within 20 minutes of the request, an ER24 ambulance arrived on the scene.


Cindy gave birth in the hospital a couple of hours later


“My little Valentine was born in the hospital a couple of hours after the ambulance fetched me. I am ever so grateful to Dialdirect Namola and ER24 for their fast response,” says Cindy. “They even went as far as to repark my car so that it was not left on the side of the road. Now that is what I call above and beyond.”


Get the Dialdirect Namola Emergency App


Whatever the day, wherever you are, make sure that you can get help fast when you need it the most. Download the Dialdirect Namola Emergency App now.


You can download the Dialdirect Namola Emergency App for free.


Dialdirect Insurance is an authorised FSP 15259

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  1. Sive
    Sive says:

    Wow, I like this App it is so fast to respond it doesn’t matter where you are what time you face a problem , they respond immediately.
    Please do have Namola access on your Mobile Phone, my friends, family and colleagues do have because I told them about it, you will never know at a certain time you will need assistance.


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