Tumi Sole gets follower help, fast, with Dialdirect Namola Safety app

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Social media has the power to transform lives, however, in this story, it may have saved some. Tumi Sole, a lawyer by day and a social media activist and creator of #CountryDuty* by night, requested assistance through the Dialdirect Namola safety app when one of his Twitter followers sent him a DM asking for help.

“I was actually at a book launch when my phone started going crazy. It was from one of my followers who had been with a friend when her ex-boyfriend showed up armed and threatening to harm them both,” says Tumi.

Tumi, who is a fierce activist against femicide, sought more information about the situation from his follower, including the location of the incident. “The person in need was in Umtata and I was in the middle of Johannesburg,” says Tumi. “I thought to myself – how do I get them assistance when I am not even in the same area as them?” It was then that Tumi remembered that he had read about Namola on social media and downloaded the app, right there and then. He then requested assistance through Namola. A couple of seconds later he got a phone call from a Namola Response Centre Agent.

Due to the fact that Sole had the most crucial information about the incident, such as the location and the phone number of the person at the scene of the emergency, Namola was able to request assistance from a nearby emergency responder. In no time at all SAPS arrived on scene and arrested the armed attacker.

“I was so impressed with Namola,” says Tumi. “ The fact that I was able to help a fellow South African that was not even in the same province as me, was truly amazing.”

*#CountryDuty is a social media awareness initiative which allows ordinary people to get their voices heard.

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