Sign of Victory: Tutu Zondo pings Namola to save his life

“The driver started to use unfamiliar routes and the speed of the car picked up. At that moment I knew I was in danger and I felt unsafe”

Escaping what almost seemed to be a kidnapping incident, Tutu Zondo narrates his ordeal to help show the world that through the use of the Namola button, your life can be saved.

Unlike most of our users that have used the Namola App to report crime, Tutu has shown us that there are more ways than one, that Namola can be used to make South Africa safe

Here is his story

Namola: What Happened?

Zondo: I knocked off Monday evening and as I was making my way home I was unfortunate to get into this dodgy taxi. Everything was dodgy from the driver to the seat and I knew at that moment I was not safe. It was dark and raining and I was hoping to get home as soon as possible to avoid being drenched by the rain.

Namola: So what did you do next?

Zondo: I had seen the tweet from the Police Minister, Fikile Mbalula and downloaded it. I thought about the app and sent a “request for assistance”. Immediately the Namola Response Centre Agent sent a message followed by a phone call. I was scared to answer the phone call because I had cancelled the request but the Response Centre Operator called to check if I was ok

Namola: Where you not afraid of talking to the Response Centre Agent during this time

Zondo: I was afraid, however, the moment the agent started to confirm my GPS coordinates I was no longer afraid as I knew that at least someone knows my location. I think the moment the driver heard that there was someone on the other line who knew my location he was quick to go back to the main route

Namola is a communication tool that enables citizens to have access to emergency services at one click of a button. We thank Tutu for sharing this story with us and we hope that you can use his experience to get inspired to take a proactive approach to fighting crime.

Download Namola NOW and have a virtual buddy walk with you.

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