Save time in an emergency with the Dialdirect Namola emergency app

A recent report by the Sunday Times has detailed that nearly 50% of calls to the 10111 emergency number are not being attended to or have a delay in the police arriving on the scene. The sad truth is that our public responder’s resources are stretched and that they and our fellow South Africans need help.


Over the last year, the Dialdirect Namola emergency app has changed the way South Africans can get help fast by providing a simpler, better way to request, as well as receive, emergency assistance.


No request for help goes unanswered


With the app, no request for help goes unanswered. A dedicated operator is assigned to each incident and knows the location of the incident by using the user phones GPS. After a quick call to confirm the type of emergency, the operator will then coordinate the best, and most relevant, assistance for the emergency.


Namola has also created a way to alleviate the pressure on public responders, with its Namola Watch network. Namola Watch allows neighbourhood watch groups and other community response organisations to respond to Dialdirect Namola user emergencies.


Sometimes the best help comes from inside the community 


“Sometimes the best, fastest help comes from inside the community, by way of the well-organised safety initiatives that many communities have put in place to keep their areas safe.” says Peter Matthaei, CEO of Dialdirect Namola. “We, therefore, created Namola Watch to alert local safety initiatives of any incidents in their area. We have already tapped into a network of over 700 neighbourhood watches and volunteer organisations to reduce some of the pressure on our thinly-stretched public emergency services and police.”


250,000 South Africans have signed up for the Dialdirect Namola app. The team works tirelessly to define the process of requesting, dispatching and providing help in emergency situations as well as to come up with innovative ways for South Africans to get help. South Africans can also play their part by downloading and testing the app and reporting emergencies on behalf of those who can’t.


Dialdirect is an authorised FSP: 15259


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