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Courtney Pieters is a three-year-old little girl who went missing more than a year ago. After an extensive 10-day search her body was found in an industrial area near to where she lived. She had been raped and murdered.

Unfortunately, Courtney’s story is not an uncommon one in South Africa. According to the figures released by the South African Police Service Missing Persons Bureau, a child in South Africa goes missing every 5 hours. 23% of these children are never located. Here is what you need to know if you are ever faced with the horrible reality of your child going missing:

  • Don’t wait 24 hours! Report your missing child as soon as you realise they are missing. You can also do this via the Namola App
  • Complete a SAPS 55 form. If you are not sure where your nearest police station is, request assistance via Namola
  • Contact Missing Child South Africa (MCSA) on 072 647 7464

The fastest way to find your child is to provide the authorities with the following information:

  • Personal details. Give the name and age of your missing child and any defining details.
  • Description of the child. It’s a really good idea to keep a recent photo of your child on you at all times.
  • Details surrounding the disappearance. Know where your child is at all times and who they with so that you are able to give context of how you child went missing

The first 24-hours in a missing persons case are the most crucial. Make sure that you #GetHelpFast. Download Namola FREE.

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