Quick thinking colleague saves life

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Namola app user, Ivy Dipuo Senona requested help when her colleague collapsed at work.

“I couldn’t believe how quickly the Response Centre Agent called me. We had been trying to get hold of someone to come and help my colleague and Namola was the fastest to respond.”

Through the follow-up calls from the Namola Response Centre Agent, Ivy was also able to communicate that her colleague was having an asthma attack. The quick thinking Response Centre Agent delivered this information to the ER24 Ambulance, who in turn were able to give advice on what could be done before they were able to get there.

“The Response Agent was there to hold my hand until the ambulance arrived” – said Ivy.

ER24 arrived on the scene and were able to assist with the incident.

“Thank for saving Ms Kagiso’s life. Your service was excellent.” – Ivy Dipuo Senona

Make sure you download the @NamolaApp to your mobile device to #GetHelpFast in any emergency (www.namola.com/share).

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