Proactive community triumphs in Hanover Park

In the gang-ridden neighbourhood of Hanover Park, residents are combating crime together. Community members made a citizen’s arrest when a lady — waiting to see a doctor with her baby — was robbed at gunpoint at the Hanover Park Day Hospital.

As gang violence cripples Hanover Park, parents worry about their children’s safety and community members feel like prisoners in their own homes . “As residents we are tired. Gang violence keeps on escalating, gunshots are heard every minute and innocent people are affected,” says Igshaan Nazie, community leader and chairperson of Hanover Park Civic Association.  

A message on a WhatsApp community safety group notified a community member about the robbery and citizen’s arrest. He immediately used Namola to request police assistance at the scene, “The community has managed to apprehend one of the suspects, but are in need of immediate SAPS assistance”.  

Within 7 minutes of the request being made, a team from Philippi SAPS arrived on the scene and arrested the alleged gangster. Proactive communities standing  together to support law enforcement in the fight against crime means that South Africa is safer for us and our children.

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