Press Release: New Namola feature will help communities partner in the fight against crime

This holiday season, Namola is launching Emergency Contacts. This new feature not only sends an emergency request directly to the Namola Response Centre, but also notifies up to 5 of your own pre-selected Emergency Contacts, and keeps them updated as you receive help.

As the holiday season gets underway, the need for a safer South Africa increases everyday, with criminal activity on the rise as South Africans and our visitors travel and relax over this period.

Although emergencies and criminal activities generally increase over the festive season, Namola – the free crime fighting safety app – is dedicated to making this December your safest season yet.

At the press of a button on your GPS enabled smartphone, the Namola Response Centre calls you back and works to connect you to safety, contacting the relevant emergency response providers and assisting you every step of the way.

At the same time, your Emergency Contacts will be alerted about your request. Your family, friends, and even local emergency services like your neighbourhood watch or armed response provider, will be notified of your situation, kept up to date of progress, and will have the ability to respond to the emergency.  

Emergency Contacts is just another way Namola is enabling users to take back control in their local communities and #MakeSASafe.   

Namola believes that the key to a sustainable and free crime fighting system in South Africa lies in communities being empowered to unite against crime. Emergency Contacts is the next step forward in evolving already in place social and community groups into enabled emergency support mechanisms.


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19 replies
  1. Christel
    Christel says:

    Good day
    Thank you for your e-mail. After learning about Namola on Carte Blanche we were obviously very impressed. I have loaded the app on my cellphone, and followed the prompts however was never contacted on the trial “emergency”. I am not sure if I did something wrong? Also I am not even sure if I managed to add contacts?

  2. Katlego
    Katlego says:

    Hi how do I make sure that the app works I didn’t wanna request for emergency Incase it alerts the police and waste their time but at the same time I wanna know at a time I need help will it work so how do I know it’s working

  3. Mary-Anne Myburgh
    Mary-Anne Myburgh says:

    I joined and did the “test” call. Within seconds I received a response and as per the test request I informed them that this was only a test. I was welcomed and received confirmation by email very soon afterwards. Now I will be loading my 5 emergency numbers. Thank you Namola for this great service, But I truly hope I NEVER need to contact you for an emergency. Mary

  4. Moline
    Moline says:

    I just joined Namola, on 17-7-18, l got a prompt response to my trial call.lm really encouraged; l trust that l will get help , when l need it

  5. Niven
    Niven says:

    I have just join up with Namola User Friendly App ☻my finger Accidently triggered the Emergency mail notification in a split second I had a Call back Response ☻Very Professional and Quick Service Delivery – Namola 4 Life thanks for Help making our Lifes and Communities feel safe by Intergrating with your Networking ☻


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