Policeman uses Namola to #GetHelpFast

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Thabo*, a forensic detective that works for SAPS in the Northern Free State, was visiting one of the local police stations when part of the building caught on fire.

“There was something burning near the station, and I think the wind blew an amber into a Lapa structure that was connected to the building. It caught alight so fast and started to burn badly,” says Thabo. ”We knew that we couldn’t put it out on our own and we needed the fire department’s help.”

Thabo opened his Namola app and requested assistance. Seconds later, one of Namola’s Operators called to confirm the emergency.

Thanks to the relationships built with public emergency responders, Namola requested the help of a fire engine and 20 minutes later the fire department arrived. Luckily they managed to extinguish the fire in time to ensure that there was not too much damage to the police station itself.

“The police are a vital part of keeping people safe,” says the Response Operator. ”I knew that I had to get the fastest possible help to them so that they could continue to do their job. Even the police need a helping hand sometimes.”

No matter who you are, or where you are in South Africa, you can get help fast with Namola. If you do not have Namola on your mobile, download and test Namola now.

* name has been changed to protect the user’s privacy

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    • Claire Sherwell
      Claire Sherwell says:

      Hi Rose, Please use Namola to get emergency assistance as our media channels are not always online. We hope you are ok and have the Namola App on your phone


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