Own a business? You need the Dialdirect Namola emergency app. Here’s why.

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Business robberies and intimidation of shop owners, especially of small spaza shops, has been big news lately. Just two nights ago we heard of a Bangladeshi shop owner who was seriously injured when robbers invaded his store and then set it on fire, with him inside. So when a threatening call came through to Happy Hyper* a couple of weeks ago, one of the employees recommended that the owner download the Dialdirect Namola emergency app.


“We received a threatening call”


“We received a threatening call a couple of weeks ago, and it was very difficult to know what to do and who to call,” says Yusuf* owner of Happy Hyper. “So when my employee showed me how the Dialdirect Namola App worked, I told all of my staff to download and test it, and I downloaded it onto the phone that we use for customers to call.”


It was not two weeks later when one of Happy Hyper’s employees answered the shop phone to a threatening message. Having been prepped by the owner on what to do in this type of emergency, the employee instructed his colleagues to close the shop, while he opened the Namola App and requested assistance. Due to the fact that Yusuf had cleverly added his details as one of the shop phone’s 5 emergency contacts he also got a notification that the store was in danger.


Responders arrived ten minutes later


Ten minutes later, first responders arrived on scene, followed by ADT, whom the owner of the shop had alerted. Five minutes after their arrival, SAPS were on scene.


“I couldn’t believe how fast everyone was on scene,” says Yusuf. “Your App is really great for situations like these. Even though no one was arrested, the information and help that I received made me feel completely safe.”


Hostages get help fast


Four months ago, Dialdirect Namola reported on a story in which a shop owner saved her customers and staff members with the app. She was working in the storeroom when perpetrators stormed her shop and held up her employees and customers. She used the Chat Feature to communicate in silence with the Namola Operator, so that she could stay out of sight and sound. Read her incredible story now

If you own a shop, be safe and download Namola. Potential perpetrators, think twice before you decide to rob or intimidate shop owners — Namola has their back.

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*Names have been changed for User’s protection

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