Nightmare home invasion has happy ending

Most of us hope that the infringement of privacy and security that is a home invasion will never occur in the comfort of our own homes. Unfortunately for Stephany-Louise van Heerden, the nightmare became a reality. Stephany and her mom were the only ones at home when they came face-to-face with someone trying to break into their house.

“My mom woke up to someone shining a torch through her bedroom window. My dad was not at home and so I was really scared.”

Stephany opened the newly installed Namola app on her phone and at the push of a button, requested assistance. Within seconds, Stephany received a call from a Namola Response Agent, who put her at ease that help was on the way.

“The Agent was wonderful and followed up with me right up until the police arrived.”

Stephany is one of 230,000 South Africans who have downloaded Namola, the crime response app that helps users #GetHelpFast in emergencies.

“Thank you for the great service, Namola. I can’t believe how fast the police were able to get to me.”

Namola encourages users to test the app to ensure that they are ready to use it in an emergency.

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  1. Tina Thomas
    Tina Thomas says:

    My niece attempted suicide and my family was informed the paramedics would be there thirty minutes later only. I sent them the link (AGAIN) and they used it. Within five minutes there was paramedics and an ambulance at their door! Definitely a life saver, thank you

    • Claire Sherwell
      Claire Sherwell says:

      We are terribly sorry to hear about your niece, but we are glad that you could #GetHelpFast with @NamolaApp. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  2. Cas Muller
    Cas Muller says:

    Your article suggests testing the app to ensure readiness in case of an emergency. How does one test the app without creating an emergency response?

    • Claire Sherwell
      Claire Sherwell says:

      Hi Cas,
      To test the @NamolaApp you can follow these steps:
      1. Open the app
      2. Hold down the Request Assistance button until it is fully red
      3. A screen will come up and ask you what emergency you have – indicate you are testing the app
      4. Our team will contact you to confirm the emergency ( in this case a test)
      If you have any difficulties, please email
      Best wishes
      Namola Team


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