Nedbank issues a credit scam warning

South Africans must beware of a new scam where criminals use targeted phone calls to steal credit card information from clients and conduct fraudulent online transactions.

Nedbank has warned credit card holders about the scam, which involves fraudsters asking for a credit card number, expiry date, or the card verification (CCV) number.

Protect your personal information and be careful who you share it with. Banks will never ask you for the following:

1. Card number, expiry date or your three- or four-digit card verification (CCV) number.
2. To supply your One-time password (OTP) or request you to accept an Approve-it message.
3. If you get and Approve-it message or OTP for a transaction that you have not requested, decline the Approve-it message or call us on 0800 110 929 immediately.

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