Namola user has Cat-astrophe

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What is classified as an emergency is different in everyone’s eyes, but when Namola user, Todd’s* beloved cat, Fluffy, found itself at the top of an electric pole, Todd, found that he had an emergency on his hands.

“I was totally panicked,” says Todd, “ I also own a dog and one of my friend’s dogs had come over to visit and had scared Fluffy up the pole.”

Todd tried a couple of numbers but could not get through to any public emergency services and so used the @NamolaApp to request assistance. Namola’s fast thinking agent made contact with the SPCA who got a vet to give Todd a call.

“The vet gave me very logical advice to remove the dogs, who were making my cat scared, from the scene. Unfortunately it took a day for Fluffy to come down the pole and back home, but I was just so grateful that someone was able to assist me in my panic,” says Todd.

Psychologist John Leach, a specialist in human responses to emergency situations, developed his “10/80/10 rule of survival” after examining a variety of crises and people’s reactions to them. According to Leach, 10% of people facing an emergency control their fears and act rationally. Eighty percent find themselves stunned and relatively unprepared to respond. The last 10%, Leach concluded, become hysterical and unable to cope with the situation at hand.

A common thread among survivors is the ability to prioritise and maintain focus. If you are prepared and practice what to do in an emergency, you have the tools to be able to deal with the emergency at hand. This is why Namola encourages their users to download and test the @NamolaApp. Knowing how to use the app will allow users to #GetHelpFast in any emergency.

*Users name has been changed to protect privacy

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