Namola rescues lost driver

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Technology is a wonderful thing. Until it lets you down. Bulelani* was visiting Kwa-Zulu Natal on business and found himself lost in an unfamiliar and unsavoury area. Typically, in this situation, we would all reach for our smartphones and rely on a navigation app to get us to our destination. Bulelani did exactly this but, unfortunately, his device wasn’t picking up sufficient GPS services to navigate him to safety. On a whim, he used Namola.

“I was completely lost and did not feel comfortable getting out of my car,” says Bulelani. “I travel often and this is the first time that my navigation system has let me down.”

Bulelani received a call in a matter of seconds from a Namola Response Centre Agent. Although Bulelani’s navigation app couldn’t locate him, his request for assistance allowed Namola to pick up his GPS coordinates. The Response Centre Agent who called Bulelani back could see exactly where he was. Although this is not your typical Namola emergency, the Response Centre Agent on the end of the line was able to manually direct Bulelani out of the unfamiliar area and back on track to his business meeting.

“I am so grateful to that Agent. He remained calm and directed me to safety. He even followed up to ensure that I had reached my destination safely,” said Bulelani.

No emergency is predictable. Our service is not just limited to coordinating relevant emergency services. Namola is committed to ensuring that our Users get the fastest possible help in any situation that they deem to be an emergency. Namola is a dedicated team committed to problem-solving,  even in out-of-the-ordinary cases.

Keeping on your location permanently, could save your life and get you the fastest possible help in your emergency. Download Namola FREE to #GetHelpFast in any emergency in South Africa

*Bulelani’s name has been changed

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