N12 attacks: Urgent action is needed

Motorists on the N12 near Lenasia outside Johannesburg face regular attacks by criminals who hurl rocks onto the road and then rob them.
@ecsd_tech reported the latest incident last night:

“Time of Incidents : Between 20h45 & 21h15
*Rock placements on the N12E & N12W*
“2 vehicles have hit rocks which were placed on the highway 
“A Toyota that was travelling on the N12E (Heading out of Lenasia) hit a rock after the Samfur Bridge which was placed on the highway
“The Toyota’s right front tyre & rim was damaged after hitting the rock. As the driver pulled off on the side of the road, he was surrounded by +/-20 guys (Charlie males & Bravo males) The drivers side window was smashed by one of the guys that surrounded the vehicle after which the occupants of the vehicle were robbed of there belongings (Cellphones /Wallets, etc) , the radio from the vehicle was also taken, they then fled into the informal settlement 
“The other vehicle, a late model VW Beetle which was travelling on the N12W (Heading towards Lenasia) hit a rock which was place on the highway just after the pedestrian bridge , damage to the VW Beetle was the left front tyre. The occupants of the VW were not approached
“Fortunately there were no injuries
“*Always reduce your speed and exercise caution if you travelling on the N12 as one can never be certain of the dangers ahead*”
Lenasia residents often visit the area and remove rocks on the side of the road. But within days, the attackers are back 
These thugs have been terrorizing motorists along the N12 for years and very little gets done.
Authorities will patrol the road for a day or two after and incident and then the criminals strike again.
Surely, one does not have to be a rocket scientist to solve the problem.
Police and JMPD need undercover operations regularly. The area is dark at night and lights need to be installed. And there needs to be sustainable visibility.
Many motorists are these days even afraid to use the N12 because of these attacks. 
The City of Johannesburg, JMPD, Gauteng Provincial Government and SAPS need to move with urgency and make the N12 safe. 
We urge them to work together and to act now. I’m inundated with calls from motorists almost every week about the N12.
*Yusuf Abramjee is an anti crime activist and Namola’s Chief Ambassador.

Twitter: @abramjee

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