Mother’s instinct tells her to get daughter, help fast.

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A parent’s worst nightmare is waking up in the middle of the night to five missed calls from your daughter. This nightmare became a reality for Tersia*, a mother of two. When Tersia tried to call her daughter back, her boyfriend answered the phone.


Five missed calls from her daughter


“I had five missed calls from my daughter. I thought that there was something wrong with my grandchild so I called back immediately. Her boyfriend answered the phone,” says Tersia. “When I asked him what the matter was, he said nothing and everything was fine, but I could hear my daughter crying in the background.”


As a mother, you never want to assume the worst, but when the hairs on the back of Tersia’s neck told her something was wrong, she listened to her instincts and requested assistance through Namola, the free mobile safety app.


Possible domestic abuse situation


Namola’s Response Centre Operator who received the request for help gathered the information about the possible domestic abuse situation taking place. When he tried to call Tersia’s daughter himself, and there was no answer, he jumped into gear and alerted the necessary responders.


Police were a couple of minutes away when Tersia’s daughter phoned her mother to say that she was safe and that her boyfriend had left the house. The Namola Operator called the police to stand down, but also mentioned that they should keep an ear out for any disturbances in the complex where Tersia’s daughter lived


You really are a lifesaver


When the Namola Operator called back the following evening to check on Tersia and her daughter, Tersia could hardly hold back the tears.


“Really you are a lifesaver,” she said to the Operator. “Because of you, I didn’t lose my mind and I remained calm. The Namola safety app is on my speed dial and I am telling everyone about this amazing app.”


Moms need Namola


When the Namola Operator asked her if she had installed the app on her daughter’s phone, she chuckled. “My daughter is the one that made me install it on my phone when it first came out a year ago. She may not want to use it, but she knows that she can get hold of me and I know exactly where to find help, fast.”


As a daughter, my mom is always the first on my call list. If you are a mom, make sure you are prepared for any emergency and download the Namola safety app FREE


*Names have been changed for User’s protection


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