Mbalula’s tough talk: will it lead to police brutality?

Police Minister, Fikile Mbalula, is known for his no-nonsense stance.

Speaking in Pretoria today, Mbalula pulled no punches and spoke tough as he addressed the SAPS Tactical Response Team (TRT).
The Minister is being praised by many and criticized by others for his controversial comments. 
In his speech, Mbalula said:
“TRT, let the criminals pee and drink their own urine…Do you hear me? Are you hearing me? (Officers: Yes). What did I say?  (Officers: Let them pee and drink their own urine). Let the criminals pee and drink their own urine.”
He added: “Wherever criminals congest and come together,  we must unsettle them. We must squeeze them. If they got balls, we must crush them.  We must crush their balls.”
Firstly, we are all fed-up with crime and criminals. We need to talk tough and the police need to be tough. But, it must be within the framework of the law. 
Our Constitution protects the rights of every citizen and that includes the rights of criminals: like it or not.
I hope Mbalula was taking figuratively. We know as the Minister he gives instructions and the concern is that amongst the cops he addressed today, some are going to take it literally and force criminals to pee and drink it. Others may even “squeeze” the balls of criminals. 
If this happens, police will be guilty of brutality and jungle justice. We cannot allow that. We do not live in a police state.
Politicians need to be careful what they say publicly. They must be responsible and as much as we all love  and enjoy tough talk, we must stay within the framework of the law.
There is no doubt someone will take Mbalula to the South African Rights Commission (SAHRC) and he will have to explain his comments. 
Let’s all unite and fight crime. Let’s #MakeSAsafe. Let’s not allow our men and women in blue to also become criminals. 

*Yusuf Abramjee is an anti-crime activist and Namola’s Chief Ambassador 
Twitter: @abramjee

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  1. Christo Briedenhann
    Christo Briedenhann says:

    I wish the government of the day can just for once act and speak like adults. With them they always try to make jokes of everything. Crime is serious and it would be so much better to get real action plans instead of another round of jokes that are empty.


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