Mbalula leading from the front

Police Minister was on the ground in the Cape Flats till the early hours of this morning overseeing police operations.

Several suspects were arrested.

It’s good to see the Minister leading from the front. Few of his predecessors had the same passion and commitment to #MakeSAsafe

Mbalula must continue to get the SAPS right. It’s long overdue.

Mbalula is modeling the way, challenging the process, inspiring a shared vision and celebrating success- all the qualities of international leadership principles experts talk about. 

Let’s continue to do our bit and contribute to fighting crime.

NEWS 24 report:

Cape Town – It’s not thugs’ family jewels that Police Minister Fikile Mbalula had in mind when he said last Friday that “criminals’ balls must be crushed”.

Addressing the police’s tactical response team at the Pretoria West police academy last Friday, tough-talking Mbalula said: “Wherever criminals congest and come together, we must unsettle them, we must squeeze them. If they’ve got balls, we must crush them. We must crush their balls. The other opposite sex, I wouldn’t say what you must do, because women in our country are not criminals.”

This Friday, he introduced Judge Frans Kgomoas the Directorate of Priority Crime Investigations (DPCI), commonly known as the Hawks) judge to the media in Cape Town, and questions about the crushing of criminals’ balls popped up.

“The question of the balls: In terms of plurality, everything that is equal to two, is equal to balls. And then everyone that is one, it is a ball. And then a ball, if you talk about squeeze, you squeeze the air. You flatten the ball because you don’t want that ball at use for anybody to play with the ball,” Mbalula told a giggling parliamentary press corps.

“I didn’t talk about aartappels or potatoes, you see, I talked about balls.

“I didn’t talk about testicles. I said: Balls! And then squeeze the balls. It is figurative.

“It doesn’t mean you must kill people. It means you must make it unbearable for those who practice crime to have space to manoeuvre.”

‘They’ve chosen to become animals’

Mbalula said there was “language that is idioms” and that he was communicating that police must make life intolerable for criminals.

“Our police must not be tolerant to dangerous criminals,” he said.

“Now, I need to go to language school.”

Asked if his aggressive language was appropriate in a violent society such as South Africa, Mbalula stuck to his guns.

He said violent criminals didn’t come to you smiling, and tactical response teams had to respond in kind.

“Combat is accompanied by combat language.”

“They’ve chosen to become animals. They’ve chosen to become armed men in a civilised society.”

Mbalula also spoke about police offices not upholding the principle of “batho pele” – people first – and made examples of officers sleeping at police stations or, as seen in a recent video that has gone viral, doing their DStv admin.

“Things must change,” he said.

“There are good cops doing their jobs, but let’s make our police stations function.”

In reference to his recent drive to have members of the public send him pictures of police officers neglecting their duties while on the job, Mbalula said: “I’ve been given a cellphone by government, I will use it to fight crime.”

*Yusuf Abramjee is an anti-crime activist and Namola’s Chief Ambassador 

Twitter: @abramjee

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