From Marketing to Saving Lives: Meet Jerome Timotheus Namola Response Centre Manager

“BOOM!” This is an expression we get to hear from Jerome every time he receives good news in the office. Good news is hard to come by when you work for a safety app.

Jerome has been a Namola Response Centre Manager for the last six months. He is one of the voices callers hear when they press the Namola panic button


Call centre respondents deal with emergency calls from the public and make sure that the right help gets there as soon as possible.


Namola is an app that helps you receive emergency assistance when you need it the most. Namola provides a unique approach to improving safety and security and allows for multiple stakeholders to work together. Jerome and the team, help coordinate stakeholders who are interested in fighting crime in South Africa.


Jerome found himself working for the Safety app when he saw a job opportunity with the tagline, “Do you want to contribute to making a difference in South Africa?” After working in a call centre as a debt collector, he knew that he needed a change. He wanted to be part of initiatives that helped people so that he could make the world a better place for his wife and two children.


“Working for Namola has changed my life. I have started to value time, especially the seconds because working for the safety app has made me realise that it takes seconds to change someone’s life” says Timotheus.


Last month, Jerome had to use the panic button to call emergency services when he witnessed an accident. And this is what he had to say


“I could not be more proud of Namola. As I was driving to work, I witnessed an accident happening, so I pulled to the side and rushed to help the victims. I immediately reached for my phone and used Namola to reach out to my colleagues.”


He added, “The response was swift, I explained what was happening, and after a while, emergency services rushed to the scene. A fire truck, police vehicle and ambulance came to the scene. With just a click of a button, we were able to get assistance.”


As he narrated his ordeal, one could not miss the beam of pride from his eyes, “I immediately started encouraging everyone to download the app from the scene and explaining how it works. Everyone seemed to be impressed by the call I got from the call centre checking if the emergency services had arrived.”


“With Namola, our priority is not only helping citizens access emergency response services during a time of need, but we also pride ourselves in caring for the communities and people who use the app every day!”


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  1. Andre Jacobs
    Andre Jacobs says:

    Jerome… You the man. I might not see you on the pool table but seeing you actively involved making a difference to many lives is all one can ask for. Great stuff buddy. Going to download app immediately. Regards AndreJacobs


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