Make everyday a #MandelaDay

South Africans went out in their thousands yesterday to mark #MandelaDay
From painting classrooms, collecting litter and feeding the hungry to planting vegetables and delivering humanitarian aid, every bit of action made a difference. #67Minutes must continue to make a difference all year through. 
Police Minister, Fikile Mbalula, visited the Sunnyside Police Station in Pretoria. He assisted with admin duties in the charge office and also visited the holding cells. 
Namola Safety App ambassadors joined in. We delivered fruit packs and distributed it to hundreds to police officers and members of the public. 
It’s important for us to support our men and women in blue. Every little bit of action makes a big difference. 
Let’s make everyday a #MandelaDay
We are quick to criticize the police when they mess up and rightly so. But, when they do good and serve and protect us, we must support them.
Mbalula is right: when you have a feast and have extra food, take it to your local police station. A cup of coffee on a cold night can also make a difference.
Let’s support our cops!

*Yusuf Abramjee is anti-crime activist and Namola’s Chief Ambassador.

Twitter: @abramjee

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