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Sharika Soal is a celebrity publicist in Los Angeles, who is passionate in the fight against women and child abuse. Sharika’s concern about the number of women being murdered and going missing in South Africa caused her to send a tweet to her South African followers, urging them to download Namola. Her message was retweeted over 10,000 times. We decided to catch up with the lady behind the twitter page @LadyThriller69.

NamolaApp: Hi Sharika, you are based in the States, can you tell us how you heard about Namola and what made you tweet South African women?

Sharika Soal: I have a large south African following and the African women I follow started to talk about missing women and raped women in African countries I started to become very upset because I saw that Americans were not paying attention to how many women were coming up missing daily in my newsfeed.

60 women  kidnapped in 30 days is atrocious  and so I began to tweet about the frustration that women in Africa were being slaughtered and no one cared and someone told me to look up your company and I instantly knew I had to put this on twitter to teach my Africa followers how to spread the word to protect themselves

NamolaApp: You mention in your twitter feed that you were abused as a child. Is this something that fuels your passion for the fight against women and child abuse?

Sharika Soal: Yes my father molested me from a very young age. I, therefore, feel very protective of people who need to call for help and can’t. This is why Namola means so much to me. I could never dial 911 in front of my mom or dad, an app like this would have saved my life.

NamolaApp: Femicide and abuse against women is a huge problem in the world, but particularly South Africa. How do you think Namola would be able to help women or girls in these situations.

Sharika Soal: I know the app is crucial to survival. Your app allows poor vulnerable men and women have a lifeline to tell anyone they were in trouble whereas if they did not have your app may be the situation of immediate danger would not allow them to actually dial the police or make obvious movements that they are using their phone. It is a discreet way of alerting someone that you are in danger

NamolaApp: Do you have any safety advice for girls and women in South Africa?

Sharika Soal:  Never get in a car with someone you don’t know and even if you feel like you can trust a man and his friends do not ever go anywhere alone with any man without letting people know where you went and bring a friend on all blind dates and meet in public spaces. This goes for men too.

NamolaApp:  If you could send women in South Africa one message, what would it be?

I will always do what I can to speak about the issues South African women face as they have been so very kind and open with me so I consider them family and to remember we are more powerful than we think and can accomplish great things if we just believe.

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