What if I don’t have my phone in an emergency?

A question we are sometimes asked is, “What happens if I don’t have access to my phone in an emergency? What use is Namola to me then?”

It’s a very valid question. We all want maximum peace of mind at all times.

The first thing to note is that without a phone, there really is no way to get help from public emergency services at the moment. Not through 10111 on a landline, not through 112 on a mobile phone, not through any other emergency numbers, and not through your local WhatsApp safety group. So this is not a problem unique to Namola.

So what makes Namola different or better?

Namola is super easy to access in an emergency: quicker and simpler than WhatsApp, and more responsive than public emergency numbers. Many people have Namola instantly ready in their favourite apps — many incident reports we get for accidents, medical emergencies or robberies etc. are from other people at the scene. Whether you need help for yourself or someone else, Namola is always there.

An important “trick” for using Namola to stay safe is to request assistance when you’re in a situation where you feel unsafe. We’ll call back nearly instantly, and we’re happy to stay on the line (on our own dime and time) until the situation has passed or we need to get emergency services involved. By using Namola proactively — whether you’re on public transport, or walking alone at night, or scared at home — you can “bring” our team into the scary situation, and we’ll intervene immediately when necessary.

As for situations where you don’t have access to your phone at all — stay tuned. We hear you loud and clear.

— Pete (CEO, Namola)

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  1. Arina
    Arina says:

    Iv just downloaded the App today. It looks like a very helpful tool and user friendly. I am hopeful that it will assist in decreasing crime rate in SA.


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