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Natalie* was taking stock in the back when she heard a commotion in her store on a Friday afternoon. Four armed men entered her shop in Germiston. She had three staff and ten customers in her shop. Luckily Natalie had not been spotted by the intruders and managed to hide herself in the mezzanine storeroom. Natalie had recently watched a video on Namola’s YouTube Channel that had showed her how to use Namola. She remembered from the video that she needed to answer the Response Centre Agents call in order for them to know what type of help she needed. Natalie cleverly switched her phone on silent,  requested assistance through Namola and waited for the Response Centre Agent to call.

Namola’s Response Centre Agent responded to Natalie’s call in a matter of seconds, and upon hearing the hushed yet urgent tones of Natalie’s voice, realised Natalie was in serious danger and was unable to talk. “I was so scared to speak,” says Natalie. ”I could hear the intruders right outside and I was terrified that they would hear me. Once I had answered the phone call quietly, I then made use of the chat feature to ensure that I could be as quiet as possible. I was able to stay in contact with the Response Centre Agent, who informed me that the police were on their way.”

Natalie watched helplessly from her hiding place as customers entered her shop and were rounded up by the intruders into a hostage situation. Watching this robbery unfold was not the only thing that Natalie could see. She could also make out the registration of the getaway car and managed to text it through to the Response Centre Agent on the Namola chat feature.

Although only ten minutes had passed, it felt like forever until she heard the sound of police sirens in the distance. Natalie was not the only one that heard the police sirens, and scared of being caught, the intruders made a dash for freedom, leaving behind some very relieved and unharmed staff and customers in the shop.

“I am telling everyone I can about Namola. Namola was quick and efficient and got SAPS on scene when I could not get through to 10111,” says Natalie. “Even when I was unable to talk, we could communicate via texting. Thank you so much!”

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  1. Naufal
    Naufal says:

    Keep it up Namola…hope we never have to dial you but we know that if we do you’ll have our backs…May you and your sponsors be blessed with good

  2. Mzwandile Nondala
    Mzwandile Nondala says:

    what happen if i only manage to request help but there after i cant unswer my fone pehaps scared for the robbers would police be notified though.

    • Claire Sherwell
      Claire Sherwell says:

      Hi there,
      We have an in-app chat feature, so if you cannot talk, you can message our Response Centre Agents’ to let them know what the emergency is and we will notify the police on your behalf.


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