What to do if your loved one is hijacked and taken with the car

It’s anyone’s worst nightmare to even imagine, but at Dialdirect Namola, we want you to be prepared in the event that this does happen to you by familiarising yourself with these 5 tips:


  1. Remove yourself from any danger by leaving the immediate area. You will be no help to your loved one if you are incapacitated too.
  2. If you have vehicle tracking & recovery: Get hold of your tracking company and let them know that your car has been hijacked.
  3. Request assistance with the Dialdirect Namola Emergency App. Let the operator know that you have informed your tracking company, or give the operator the details of the car so that they can get the police looking for the vehicle, fast.
  4. Give the operator details of anything else that you can remember. How many perpetrators were there? Did they have another getaway car? Did they have any weapons?
  5. Check for any banking alerts. The perpetrators may stop and make your loved one draw cash from an ATM.


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Dialdirect Insurance is an authorised FSP 15259

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