If you can’t stand the heat, call Dialdirect Namola.

As December 2018 was winding down 2018, holiday preparation was in full swing to ensure that we can all have a stress-free rest and prepare to take on 2019. The last thing that Lauren, a Dialdirect Namola user since the app’s inception, expected was her house to catch alight.


It was a fairly stressful Sunday morning


“It was a fairly stressful Sunday morning,” says Lauren. “My daughter came to tell me that there was water all over the kitchen. When I walked in I realised that our geyser had burst and I asked my husband to go and switch off the water at the mains.”

Lauren’s husband did just that as she started the arduous task of mopping up the kitchen. A couple of minutes later, he came running through the house, shouting that there was a fire in the roof and that Lauren and her daughter needed to evacuate the house.


Livelihood up in smoke


“It was almost too much for my brain to comprehend,” Lauren tells us “I was staring at my house, my livelihood, literally go up in smoke. I didn’t know what to do or who to call, and then I remember thinking that I had the Dialdirect Namola emergency app on my phone.”


Lauren requested assistance through the app, and in the heartbreaking phone call, relayed to the operator that her house is going up in flames. The operator wasted no time confirming the address and within 20 seconds had the information that she needed to get Lauren the help that she so desperately needed.


The fire department arrived on the scene in 16 minutes.


“It felt like they took forever, but 1 minute can seem forever when your house is burning down,” says Lauren when asked by Dialdirect Namola if she was happy with the response time. “I am shocked that the fire department was there in 15 minutes. That really is an incredible response time.”


Lauren also praises the kind cyclists that rode past the smoking house.


“Standing on my lawn watching the smoke, I had no idea who to phone, all I could think of was [Dialdirect] Namola! Your agent phoned me in seconds and followed up to make sure everything was okay. I will be singing your praises for a very long time! Thank you …..thank you is all I can say 😃


You never know when an emergency will strike


You never know when an emergency will strike, and so before the year runs away with you, make sure that you download and test the Dialdirect Namola app. Also, it’s a good time to make sure that you have an insurance company that not only gives you tips to keep you your family and your belongings safe but actually does something in your time of need. Dialdirect Insurance, for example, not only makes sure that the cost of the fire brigade is covered but with their rent to live elsewhere benefit, that you and your family have somewhere to live should your world be devastated by a fire. Pick an insurance company that goes the extra mile to have your back in your time of need.


Dialdirect is an authorised FSP

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