Don’t protect criminals!

Deputy Police Minister Bongani Mkongi is right when he says members of the public often support criminals by buying stolen goods.

Crime affects all us and if we buy stolen goods we also become criminals.

Communities often protect criminals. 

We keep quite knowing full well who is involved in crime. We must do the right thing and blow the whistle on criminals. 

Drug dealers operate freely in our communities. We must report them. Break your silence. Someone, somewhere, somehow knows something. 


Here is the News24 report on Deputy Minister Mkongi:

Cape Town – Deputy police minister Bongani Mkongi on Friday said South Africans complicate the work of police officials by buying stolen property.

“This is the monster we are dealing with here. It is not easy, it is difficult. You know why it is difficult, because you as the people, you support criminals,” Mkongi said.

“How can you buy a cell phone from a boy that you know does not own any company of Samsung?”

“If society wants to kill criminality, society must not become criminals too.”

Mkongi was speaking at a Youth Day commemoration in Bloemkombos High School in Paarl.

He blamed “educated youth” on assisting criminals defeat the ends of justice.

“When police are sitting on the weekend on the strategic plan to fight crime, they [criminals] are sitting in their own strategic plan,” Mkongi said.

“As criminals, they are told by these young men and women who are very clever what the strategy of the police is.”

Mkongi said once criminals are convicted they infiltrate medical staff to get out of jail on medical parole. News23

*Yusuf Abramjee is an anti-crime activist and Namola’s Chief Ambassador.

Twitter: @abramjee

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