Dialdirect Namola’s New Year’s resolutions

Happy 2019 South Africa. What an exciting year it’s already shaping out to be. Here at Dialdirect Namola HQ, we have been working tirelessly through the holiday season to ensure that 2019 is a safe one for all of South Africa. These are our New Year’s resolutions to South Africa.


1. Broaden the way users can get help


Probably the number one question we got asked in 2018 was, “What happens if I can’t answer my phone?” We heard you, and so in 2019 we are bringing you a range of wearables, that (wait for it) do not require a mobile phone for you to get help fast. Make sure that you are following our social pages to hear more.


2. To refine and innovate processing times


From calling back our users to coordinating emergency response. We are continually updating our technology and training to ensure that you are getting the fastest and the most relevant response depending on your location and your incident details.


3. To build responder networks


Dialdirect Namola has always been really innovative in using a multitude of responders to ensure that our users get the right help fast. In 2018 we built a Namola Watch network of over 2500 community responders in South Africa who assisted in getting our Namola Users help in emergency situations. Not only do we plan to grow this network even more, but we are already working with Private Security companies to ensure that they can also assist in getting our users to help faster than before.


Dialdirect Namola is continually thinking of the best possible ways to get South Africans help fast in emergency situations. If you want to send us your suggestions we are all ears.


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Dialdirect is an authorised FSP: 15259

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