Crime is out of control

Several suspects including five suspected rogue cops have been arrested following a foiled robbery in Fourways, Johannesburg.
It’s worrying when so many cops are involved in criminality. But, on the positive side we have honest and committed men and women in blue who bring the criminals in uniform to book.
We often hear of police officers involved in wrongdoing. Many commit crimes also while on duty, in uniform and in SAPS vehicles. 
The law must come down hard on police officers who work with criminal gangs. 
The implicated cops are from the Douglasdale Police Station. This area has one of the most effective Community Police Forums in Gauteng, if not the country. 
This week, a group of Dutch tourists were robbed shortly after arriving at O R Tambo International Airport.
Their bus was pulled off by a vehicle with blue lights and one of the robbers had a police uniform on. We are not sure if they are fake or rogue cops. Let’s hope these thugs are arrested and punished.
Minister Fikile Mbalula intervened at the airport a few weeks ago and we saw a lull in followings. 
But these gangs have started again. Sustainable police operations are necessary. The SAPS cannot sit back and relax.
O R Tambo International Airport also needs to take steps to educate and inform tourists about safety issues on their arrival. We need to be proactive. If not, tourism to South Africa is going to die.
And two foreign tourists were robbed in Limpopo on Wednesday. This is not good for our country.
Criminals are becoming increasingly brazen. Early yesterday a gang broke into a store at a mall in Mogale City and made off with merchandise. They were captured on CCTV.
Crime is out of control!
JOHANNESBURG – A joint intelligence-driven operation has led to the successful apprehension of eight suspects prior to the commission of the crime, following the foiled robbery of a cellphone store at the Fourways Mall in the north of Johannesburg.
On Thursday 28 September 2017, security officers at the said mall spotted and apprehended one suspect. Members of the Gauteng Provincial Trio Task Team then followed the other suspects who were driving in three vehicles, a BMW, Hyundai and a Polo. Four suspects were arrested after the police members stopped and searched the vehicles on the N1, also recovering unlicensed firearms.
Three further suspects, South African Police Service officers, have since been arrested on suspicion of having been party to the foiled robbery. Police are investigating the circumstances around the three’s proximity to the incident.
Further investigation is underway to establish whether or not the suspects could be linked to other cellphone store robberies, or any other crimes. The investigation will also look into whether more officers and/or suspects could be involved.
“While the arrest of our own is a slap in the face of the Police Service, it is at the same time commendable that they were arrested by courageous officers who are committed to fighting crime, even if that means putting behind bars our own members,” said the Gauteng Provincial Commissioner in welcoming the arrest.
All eight suspects will be appearing in Court in due course.
Meanwhile, IOL reports on the arrest of two men on allegations of money laundering:
Kimberley – Northern Cape police have refused to provide any comment on the apparent link between an alleged money runner, who was arrested near Colesberg in possession of a large amount of cash, and a family relation who is a high-ranking police officer based in Pretoria.

This is despite the Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant-General Peter Shivuri, commending members under his command for their vigilance in bringing the accused to book on the weekend.

The accused, Jermaine Johnson, 21, and Dearon Noble, 18, were charged with money laundering after they were found to be in possession of a large amount of cash, believed to be around R2 million, which was stashed in the boot of a white Volkswagen Golf V that they were travelling in on the N1 highway near Colesberg.

The money was sorted into denominations of R100 and R200 bank notes.

It is believed that the accused were transporting the money on behalf of a businessman, from Pretoria to Cape Town.

One of the accused, who is, according to reliable sources, a family relation of a major-general in the Detective Services Division in Pretoria, was wearing a yellow and blue, branded police tracksuit top at the time of his arrest.

No one has confirmed whether the accused is in fact employed by the SAPS or how he came into the possession of clothing bearing the SAPS logo if he is not a police officer.

The police have also not divulged the amount of cash that was seized due to “investigation reasons”.

Police spokesperson, Captain Olebogeng Tawana, pointed out on Tuesday that they did not comment on “parental links”.

“We have nothing to do with who they belong to. All we can say is that we arrested the suspects with a lot of cash and they were travelling from Pretoria to Cape Town. They are in custody.”

 According to the National Prosecuting Authority both accused are still in custody and will reappear in the Colesberg Magistrate’s Court on Friday to arrange legal representation.

The accused were stopped and searched during a roadblock at the Colesberg weighbridge as part of a multi-disciplinary operation involving police, provincial traffic and Home Affairs at the borders of neighbouring provinces – the Northern Cape, Eastern Cape and Western Cape – over the long weekend.

The focus of the trilateral operation was on illegal firearms, stolen vehicles, the transportation of illegal or stolen goods, drugs and the tracing of wanted suspects and undocumented persons.

*Yusuf Abramjee is an anti-crime activist and Namola’s Chief Ambassador 

Twitter: @abramjee

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