Crime: Drastic times need drastic action

The murder of Shaheed Omar, nephew of late Minister Dullah Omar, has shocked the nation. 
Omar was shot dead on Thursday evening near Ottery outside Cape Town in an apparent hijacking.
Far too many people are killed in South Africa. We are fed-up. Crime appears to be on the increase and thugs are running amok.
Life has become cheap. Criminals have no regard for life and crime is killing our nation.
Earlier this week, a well-know Muslim cleric was shot dead also in a botched hijacking in Walkerville outside Johannesburg.
We are seeing violent crime every day. It’s out of control.
Government needs to act and act now!! We are in a crisis. Police are battling to bring down the high levels of crime.
Drastic times need drastic action.
This message was posted on my Facebook page:
“They robbed me a phone at gun-point on Monday evening around 6pm in Braamfontein. Crime is just sickening. We do not feel safe at all. They searched me everywhere they could, even when they had taken a phone, they still wanted more. The other guy shouted; ‘shoot these dogs’. I said let me give you what you want. They then left running down the street. Thanks to a guy who stopped his car next to the scene, shouting at them. He neutralized their rage towards me.”
Civil society must not waste time and stand up and mobilize. For how long are we going to sit-back and see the blood flowing and the lawlessness continuing?

*Yusuf Abramjee is an anti-crime activist and Namola’s Chief Ambassador 

Twitter: @abramjee

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