Correcting rumours about Namola

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Rumour has it: If I fill in my personal information, my information will be sent to third parties and I will get a million spam calls

Namola: NEVER, EVER, will we EVER give your private information to third parties. Your personal information is only available to Namola agents when you request assistance and only for the period that your incident is open. It is there to ensure that we can get you the fastest help possible with the correct information in your emergency. We have been fully compliant with POPI (Protection of Personal Information) regulations from Namola’s conception.

Rumour has it: If I don’t force close my Namola App it will use all my data

Namola: Namola only uses a very small amount of data when you request assistance through the app. Switching your data off will mean that you will not be able to use Namola if you have an emergency. It will take the time that you may not have to switch on your data settings to get help with Namola.

Rumour has it: If I don’t force close my Namola App it will drain my battery

Namola: No it will not. The Namola app will only use a small amount of battery when you request assistance through the app. Force closing Namola will mean that it will take a couple of seconds more to open. In an emergency, those seconds are very valuable.

Rumour has it: If I leave my location settings on people may be able to track my phone. 

Namola: No. We will only be able to locate you when you request assistance through Namola. If your Namola App is not open and you have not held down the “Request Assistance” button, no one, not even Namola, will able to locate you. Read more questions on your location settings

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