Car thief caught after Namola sends help

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Mark woke around 3 am to his neighbour phoning. There were three guys at their security gate, trying to push it down to gain access. Again. Mark and his neighbours had a series of cars stolen in their complex. The thieves thought they were back for more, but not this time as Mark quickly requested assistance through his phone.

“My neighbour was trying to call 10111, but they were asking all sorts of unnecessary details,” says Mark. ”I had used Namola three weeks back to get help when I was on holiday. I knew the drill and requested assistance through the app.”

Like clockwork, seconds later Mark got a call from one of the Namola Response Centre Agents. He expressed the urgency of the incident and the Agent quickly got off the phone with Mark to coordinate the best possible help. 20 minutes later, the police arrived and apprehended one of the suspects.

“Thanks for a truly professional service this morning at 03h35. Police were dispatched and arrested 1 of 3 persons who broke into our complex before I had time to put my shoes on and go outside,” says Mark.

Thank you Mark for using Namola for your emergencies. You are a true testament to how Namola can get help fast, in an emergency.

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