Alert your Emergency Contacts, fast!

Namola allows you to add five Emergency Contacts, who will be notified when you request assistance. To add these contacts, follow the easy steps below:

  • In the Namola app, select the “Contacts” icon
  • To add an Emergency Contact, Select the “Add a Contact” button or the “+” icon
  • Once you’ve selected up to five contacts, select the checkmark (Android) or “Send invite” button (iPhone)
  • If your Emergency Contact is already using Namola, they’ll receive a push notification about your request; if your contact isn’t registered on Namola yet, they’ll receive an SMS with a link to download the app
  • Your Emergency Contact, once registered for Namola, will find your request by opening Namola and going to “Contacts”. Select the request to either accept or decline it
  • Until they have accepted your request, an Emergency Contact will show as “invited” in your “Contacts” inside Namola; we suggest you follow up with them to remind them to accept, if they’re still showing as “invited” after a few days
  • Once the contact has accepted the invite, they’ll receive notifications whenever you request assistance for yourself in a real emergency
  • When one of your Emergency Contacts receives an SOS alert from Namola, they can open the Namola app and see your emergency under “Contacts”
  • If they select your emergency, they’ll be able to call you, see where you are and navigate to your location; they can also participate the incident chat with you, your other Emergency Contacts, and—most importantly—the Namola Response Centre Agent who is coordinating the response. This way, your Emergency Contacts will be kept fully informed about your emergency at all times
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