Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep Dialdirect Namola from [helping] you

Whilst Elisabeth, a mother of 3, cannot understand her childrens’ sense of adventure, she does what all good mothers do and jumps into action when her children are in trouble. So when her daughter called her from Botswana to tell her that she was stuck in the mud in the middle of nowhere and needed help, Elisabeth went to the one place she knew she could get it. The Dialdirect Namola emergency app.


“I can’t understand why my children want to go explore when they could just stay at home safely in their nice houses,” says Elisabeth. “Especially when these crazy things happen to them.”


The Operations Manager went above and beyond


The Dialdirect Namola team does not have the functionality or relationships to operate outside of South Africa, but it was Elisabeth’s lucky day as the Operations manager picked up on her incident and decided to go above and beyond to get Elisabeth and her daughter the help that they needed.


“The main reason that I do this job is that I want to get people the help that they need when they need it the most. Elisabeth turned to us because she was in an emergency situation. It wouldn’t have been right to just tell her we couldn’t help. I needed to make a plan,” says Martin, Dialdirect Namola’s Operations Manager.


He made a plan


And a plan he made. After finding out the name of the resort that Elisabeth’s daughter was staying at, he called them, using his personal mobile phone, explained the situation and asked them for an emergency number to assist.


“It was a little tricky with the language barrier, but eventually we understood each other and the resort said that they would contact the relevant Mountain Rescue team to assist Elisabeth’s daughter,” says Martin.


Search and rescue took 4 hours to get to her


Whilst Elisabeth’s daughter was only a couple of kilometres from the resort, the roads were so treacherous that search and rescue took 4 hours to get to her. During this time, Martin dutifully followed up with Elisabeth, who was relieved to hear that her daughter was getting the help that she needed.


When we spoke to Elisabeth a couple of days after the incident, she relayed how grateful she was that she got the assistance that she and her daughter needed.


Download the Dialdirect Namola emergency app to be prepared for any emergency


“When my children are safely back in their homes, I am going to sit them all down and tell them that they need to put the [Dialdirect Namola] emergency app on their phones. If they want to look for thrills, they must be prepared.”


Dialdirect is an authorised FSP: 15259


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