8-year-old boy survives hit and run

While visiting Cape Town for a friend’s wedding, Anees Moegamed Kara – a volunteer Basic Ambulance Attendant in Johannesburg – was first on the scene after witnessing a hit and run accident in Ottery.

“I urgently need Advanced Life Support. An 8-year-old boy flew off a horse-drawn cart when someone drove into the back of them. The little boy landed on his head and I’m suspecting head injuries,” said Kara when he used Namola to request assistance.

As the vehicle fled the scene, Kara immediately requested help via Namola. The Response Centre Agent coordinated with City of Cape Town Metro, and emergency services were dispatched. ALS EMS were on the scene within 7 minutes of the request, and were able to take over from Kara.

“The little boy received the medical assistance he needed on the scene before he was transported to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital,” said Kara. “I am really impressed with the service from Namola. The accident happened 1600 kms away from my hometown and I still received the same service.”

Namola endeavours to get users help fast, and continues to work with public and private emergency services to coordinate help in all emergencies.


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