Kidnapping syndicates acting with military precision: Abramjee

Listen to Namola’s chief ambassador, Yusuf Abramjee as he talks about kidnappings on SaFm

Kidnappings….That is the latest big organized crime to hit South Africa. There has been a series of kidnappings recently and it appears to be escalating. What is worrying is that these syndicates are becoming more daring and they are clearly sophisticated. Anti-crime activist, Yusuf Abramjee is warning that kidnapping syndicates have been operating for some time – taking their victims and demanding ransoms running into tens of millions of rands.

Car theft warning: High-tech device can give thieves access in seconds

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WATCH: Three Rogue Cops Arrested

Eight suspects, including three rogue cops arrested, in Fourways in a foiled robbery.



WATCH: Robbery at Keywest Krugersdorp (Mogale City)

WATCH: Video footage of the robbery at Keywest Krugersdorp (Mogale City)

Yusuf Abramjee has a few tips to help you stay safe

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