5 things you need to do now to be prepared in the case of a hijacking

It’s anyone’s worst nightmare to even imagine, but at Dialdirect Namola, we want you to be prepared in the event that this does happen to you.


  1. Download and sign up to the Dialdirect Namola Emergency App.
  2. Fill in your emergency information in your profile tab; this includes the details of your car. In the event of a hijacking, we will be able to access these details quickly and alert the relevant responders.
  3. Add your loved ones to the Namola Family Feature. If your loved one is taken with the vehicle, you will be able to track them if their cellphone is still with them.
  4. Keep the details of your loved one’s car details on your phone. In the event that it is their car taken, you will be able to give the make, model and registration number of the car quickly to the relevant authorities.
  5. Coming soon: Purchase an IoT tracker from Namola and place it in the boot of your car. While trackers are easily disabled, these tiny buttons are hard to find if hidden well. Visit namola.co/coming-soon


You can download the Dialdirect Namola app for FREE

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A special delivery of help from Dialdirect Namola on Valentines Day

Cindy left work in a hurry on Wednesday the 14th of February so that she could go home and prepare for the most important date of her life. Cindy only made it halfway home before she had to pull over on the side of the road. Her date was early, and there was no stopping her arrival. You see Cindy was 39 weeks pregnant and baby Valentine was in a hurry to make her appearance.


“I was on my way home to pack my bag for the hospital,” says Cindy. “I thought that my baby was coming, but I had no idea that it would all happen so fast. I was almost home when I had to pull over onto the side of the road because I just could not drive any longer.”


Stuck on the side of the road in peak hour traffic


Stuck on the side of the road in peak-hour traffic in Pretoria, Cindy did the only thing that she could think of and requested assistance through the Dialdirect Namola Emergency App.


Within 20 minutes of the request, an ER24 ambulance arrived on the scene.


Cindy gave birth in the hospital a couple of hours later


“My little Valentine was born in the hospital a couple of hours after the ambulance fetched me. I am ever so grateful to Dialdirect Namola and ER24 for their fast response,” says Cindy. “They even went as far as to repark my car so that it was not left on the side of the road. Now that is what I call above and beyond.”


Get the Dialdirect Namola Emergency App


Whatever the day, wherever you are, make sure that you can get help fast when you need it the most. Download the Dialdirect Namola Emergency App now.


You can download the Dialdirect Namola Emergency App for free.


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Someone breaking in? Request assistance with Dialdirect Namola

It’s anyone’s worst nightmare. You wake up at 1 am, it’s pitch black outside, your dog is going crazy and then you hear footsteps. For Samantha, this was not a nightmare. She was awake. It was her reality.


Samantha quickly jumped out of bed and locked her bedroom door. She then grabbed her phone and requested assistance through the Dialdirect Namola Emergency App. Seconds later she received a call from one of the Response Centre operators.


The operator uses the in-app chat feature to stay in contact.


“The user was really scared as she explained the situation to me,” says the operator. “I confirmed with her that her doors were locked and then explained to her that I would call for help. I knew that she didn’t want to be on her own, and so I said that I would use the in-app chat feature to communicate with her and if anything changed on her side she could let me know through the chat feature.”


The operator wasted no time in getting Samantha the help she needed. As well as alerting the police, the operator also alerted Namola Watch responders on duty in Samantha’s area.


Namola Watch responders were on scene in 11 minutes.


“The really wonderful thing about Namola Watch is that I know that my users will get the help that they need fast with the wide network of responders that we have on board,” says the operator. “This incident was no different as three different teams responded to the incident and were on scene within 11 minutes of the incident being reported by the user.”


Dog chased away intruders.


The responders searched Samantha’s property, but seem to think that her very brave dog chased the intruders away.


“You guys responded so quickly to my request for help. The agent I was on the phone with stayed with me until he was sure that I was safe, he even called to double check,” says Samantha. “I know that I will always have quick assistance with the help of this app. Thank you so much to everyone who assisted in ensuring my safety. I appreciate it so much.”


You can download both the Dialdirect Namola Emergency App and the Namola Watch app for responders for FREE.


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Save time in an emergency with the Dialdirect Namola emergency app

A recent report by the Sunday Times has detailed that nearly 50% of calls to the 10111 emergency number are not being attended to or have a delay in the police arriving on the scene. The sad truth is that our public responder’s resources are stretched and that they and our fellow South Africans need help.


Over the last year, the Dialdirect Namola emergency app has changed the way South Africans can get help fast by providing a simpler, better way to request, as well as receive, emergency assistance.


No request for help goes unanswered


With the app, no request for help goes unanswered. A dedicated operator is assigned to each incident and knows the location of the incident by using the user phones GPS. After a quick call to confirm the type of emergency, the operator will then coordinate the best, and most relevant, assistance for the emergency.


Namola has also created a way to alleviate the pressure on public responders, with its Namola Watch network. Namola Watch allows neighbourhood watch groups and other community response organisations to respond to Dialdirect Namola user emergencies.


Sometimes the best help comes from inside the community 


“Sometimes the best, fastest help comes from inside the community, by way of the well-organised safety initiatives that many communities have put in place to keep their areas safe.” says Peter Matthaei, CEO of Dialdirect Namola. “We, therefore, created Namola Watch to alert local safety initiatives of any incidents in their area. We have already tapped into a network of over 700 neighbourhood watches and volunteer organisations to reduce some of the pressure on our thinly-stretched public emergency services and police.”


250,000 South Africans have signed up for the Dialdirect Namola app. The team works tirelessly to define the process of requesting, dispatching and providing help in emergency situations as well as to come up with innovative ways for South Africans to get help. South Africans can also play their part by downloading and testing the app and reporting emergencies on behalf of those who can’t.


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Dialdirect Namola’s New Year’s resolutions

Happy 2019 South Africa. What an exciting year it’s already shaping out to be. Here at Dialdirect Namola HQ, we have been working tirelessly through the holiday season to ensure that 2019 is a safe one for all of South Africa. These are our New Year’s resolutions to South Africa.


1. Broaden the way users can get help


Probably the number one question we got asked in 2018 was, “What happens if I can’t answer my phone?” We heard you, and so in 2019 we are bringing you a range of wearables, that (wait for it) do not require a mobile phone for you to get help fast. Make sure that you are following our social pages to hear more.


2. To refine and innovate processing times


From calling back our users to coordinating emergency response. We are continually updating our technology and training to ensure that you are getting the fastest and the most relevant response depending on your location and your incident details.


3. To build responder networks


Dialdirect Namola has always been really innovative in using a multitude of responders to ensure that our users get the right help fast. In 2018 we built a Namola Watch network of over 2500 community responders in South Africa who assisted in getting our Namola Users help in emergency situations. Not only do we plan to grow this network even more, but we are already working with Private Security companies to ensure that they can also assist in getting our users to help faster than before.


Dialdirect Namola is continually thinking of the best possible ways to get South Africans help fast in emergency situations. If you want to send us your suggestions we are all ears.


Email us now


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Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep Dialdirect Namola from [helping] you

Whilst Elisabeth, a mother of 3, cannot understand her childrens’ sense of adventure, she does what all good mothers do and jumps into action when her children are in trouble. So when her daughter called her from Botswana to tell her that she was stuck in the mud in the middle of nowhere and needed help, Elisabeth went to the one place she knew she could get it. The Dialdirect Namola emergency app.


“I can’t understand why my children want to go explore when they could just stay at home safely in their nice houses,” says Elisabeth. “Especially when these crazy things happen to them.”


The Operations Manager went above and beyond


The Dialdirect Namola team does not have the functionality or relationships to operate outside of South Africa, but it was Elisabeth’s lucky day as the Operations manager picked up on her incident and decided to go above and beyond to get Elisabeth and her daughter the help that they needed.


“The main reason that I do this job is that I want to get people the help that they need when they need it the most. Elisabeth turned to us because she was in an emergency situation. It wouldn’t have been right to just tell her we couldn’t help. I needed to make a plan,” says Martin, Dialdirect Namola’s Operations Manager.


He made a plan


And a plan he made. After finding out the name of the resort that Elisabeth’s daughter was staying at, he called them, using his personal mobile phone, explained the situation and asked them for an emergency number to assist.


“It was a little tricky with the language barrier, but eventually we understood each other and the resort said that they would contact the relevant Mountain Rescue team to assist Elisabeth’s daughter,” says Martin.


Search and rescue took 4 hours to get to her


Whilst Elisabeth’s daughter was only a couple of kilometres from the resort, the roads were so treacherous that search and rescue took 4 hours to get to her. During this time, Martin dutifully followed up with Elisabeth, who was relieved to hear that her daughter was getting the help that she needed.


When we spoke to Elisabeth a couple of days after the incident, she relayed how grateful she was that she got the assistance that she and her daughter needed.


Download the Dialdirect Namola emergency app to be prepared for any emergency


“When my children are safely back in their homes, I am going to sit them all down and tell them that they need to put the [Dialdirect Namola] emergency app on their phones. If they want to look for thrills, they must be prepared.”


Dialdirect is an authorised FSP: 15259


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If you can’t stand the heat, call Dialdirect Namola.

As December 2018 was winding down 2018, holiday preparation was in full swing to ensure that we can all have a stress-free rest and prepare to take on 2019. The last thing that Lauren, a Dialdirect Namola user since the app’s inception, expected was her house to catch alight.


It was a fairly stressful Sunday morning


“It was a fairly stressful Sunday morning,” says Lauren. “My daughter came to tell me that there was water all over the kitchen. When I walked in I realised that our geyser had burst and I asked my husband to go and switch off the water at the mains.”

Lauren’s husband did just that as she started the arduous task of mopping up the kitchen. A couple of minutes later, he came running through the house, shouting that there was a fire in the roof and that Lauren and her daughter needed to evacuate the house.


Livelihood up in smoke


“It was almost too much for my brain to comprehend,” Lauren tells us “I was staring at my house, my livelihood, literally go up in smoke. I didn’t know what to do or who to call, and then I remember thinking that I had the Dialdirect Namola emergency app on my phone.”


Lauren requested assistance through the app, and in the heartbreaking phone call, relayed to the operator that her house is going up in flames. The operator wasted no time confirming the address and within 20 seconds had the information that she needed to get Lauren the help that she so desperately needed.


The fire department arrived on the scene in 16 minutes.


“It felt like they took forever, but 1 minute can seem forever when your house is burning down,” says Lauren when asked by Dialdirect Namola if she was happy with the response time. “I am shocked that the fire department was there in 15 minutes. That really is an incredible response time.”


Lauren also praises the kind cyclists that rode past the smoking house.


“Standing on my lawn watching the smoke, I had no idea who to phone, all I could think of was [Dialdirect] Namola! Your agent phoned me in seconds and followed up to make sure everything was okay. I will be singing your praises for a very long time! Thank you …..thank you is all I can say 😃


You never know when an emergency will strike


You never know when an emergency will strike, and so before the year runs away with you, make sure that you download and test the Dialdirect Namola app. Also, it’s a good time to make sure that you have an insurance company that not only gives you tips to keep you your family and your belongings safe but actually does something in your time of need. Dialdirect Insurance, for example, not only makes sure that the cost of the fire brigade is covered but with their rent to live elsewhere benefit, that you and your family have somewhere to live should your world be devastated by a fire. Pick an insurance company that goes the extra mile to have your back in your time of need.


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T’s and C’s Online

Quick response times save child from being strangled by washing line.

Kids. Full of imagination, entertaining themselves with their fantasy worlds and made- up stories of wonder. They can use anything at their disposal to make their stories a reality and their minds will do the rest. Just ask any parent who has bought their child an expensive gift, only to find out that the best part is the cardboard box.


For Sharon Sinothabo Nkomazana, however, her little cousin’s made-up game took a horrible turn when he managed to tangle himself in the washing line. The poor little guy was so badly tangled that with every movement, the wire wrapped itself more tightly around his neck and eventually penetrated his skin.


The child’s mother called an ambulance


For fear of making it worse, his mother tried to call an ambulance to get the help that she needed. Unfortunately, she was told that all the ambulances were busy with other incidents.  This was when Nkomazana decided she would try Dialdirect Namola for the first time.


“My boyfriend kept telling me to download the app for my own safety,” says Nkomazana. “I am so glad that I did as I am not sure what would have happened to my little cousin if I didn’t have it. He is 5 years old and we had to try and keep him calm and still, which was difficult because he was panicking.”


Nkomazana requested assistance through the Dialdirect Namola emergency app


Nkomazana explained the situation to the Response Operator, who then set out to coordinate the fastest possible help for the little boy.


The ambulance services were indeed busy. However, the Dialdirect Namola Response Centre Operator, who has a 4- year-old at home, knew how much worse the situation could get if paramedics did not get on-scene soon.


Using all the resources she had, the Operator found the only available ambulance in the area, and convinced them that this child was in desperate need of assistance. They agreed and within 15 minutes of the initial call, the ambulance had arrived on scene.


My little cousin is feeling so much better


When the Dialdirect Namola team contacted Nkomazana a couple of days later to find out how her cousin was, she reassured us that he was doing really well.


“He had to have a couple of stitches, but he is on the mend. I am so grateful; it could have been so much worse.”


The team also asked her how she found the response times during her incident.


“I couldn’t believe how fast the ambulance was after I had requested assistance through the app,” Nkomazana tells Namola. “We had tried ourselves, no-one called us back. With the Dialdirect Namola app the Operator called me back every couple of  minutes to check on how he was doing.”


The Dialdirect Namola emergency app is the fastest way to get emergency assistance in South Africa. Download and test it today to ensure that you know how it works in an emergency.

5 simple ways to make your community a safer place to live

There are many simple actions the average person can take to make their communities a safer place to live.  With just a little time and effort, you can take control of your neighbourhood and keep yourself safe from criminals. Here are 5 simple ideas from Dialdirect Namola to make your community safe.


Be an active community member. Take interest in your community and find out what is being done to make your community safer. There may be a Neighbourhood Watch group that you can join. Even if you are not able to become a Neighbourhood Watch patroller, providing a coffee stop for patrollers or offering to contribute in another manner can go a long way. We can all start somewhere. Report suspicious activity to your Neighbourhood Watch. Cooperate by providing statements and witness testimony if you have information that could lead to the apprehension of a criminal.


If every good person in South Africa raised their hand


Encourage your community to make use of the Dialdirect Namola emergency app.  Tell your neighbours and local WhatsApp safety groups to download the Dialdirect Namola emergency app. This not only enhances their safety but also improves yours. It is also worth encouraging your Neighbourhood Watch Group to sign up for Namola Watch. Namola Watch allows community organisations like your local Neighbourhood Watch to respond to emergencies, fast.


Join Namola Watch now


Get to know your neighbours. Even if you have been living in your neighbourhood for a while, it’s never too late to introduce yourself to your neighbours. A trusted neighbour who keeps a vigilant eye on your home is one of the best crime deterrents there is.


Weaving the community safety net


Join your local WhatsApp / Facebook group. This is one of the best ways to stay in touch with what is happening in your community. Most communities will have an established WhatsApp or Facebook group. Speak to your neighbours or contact your local Neighbourhood Watch group to see how you can join.


WhatsApp Group do’s and don’ts


Clean up the neighbourhood. Organising a neighbourhood clean up is a great way to get people out of the house, and working together around a common cause. Call the city public works department and ask for help cleaning up.


#GetHelpFast with the Dialdirect Namola app. Download it now for free.

5 ways to stay safe this New Year’s Eve

Download and test the Dialdirect Namola emergency app. We cannot stress this enough. The Dialdirect Namola emergency app is the only way to go if you have an emergency this New Year’s eve. Make sure, that you have not only just downloaded it, but that you have signed up and tested the app to know how it works in an emergency.


 Watch how easy it is to test the Dialdirect Namola app



Family Safety Feature. Want to have the peace-of-mind that you and your loved ones are safe this New Year’s eve? Add your loved ones to the Family Safety feature. Make sure that they do the same for you.


Watch how easy it is to add your loved ones



Use a ride-sharing app. If you are planning on getting merry this New Year’s Eve and need to be on the roads, make sure that you sign-up and make use of ride-sharing apps such as Taxify.


Download the Taxify app now


Watch your drink. Unfortunately, there are those few who know how to ruin a party. Make sure that you do not fall victim to having your drink spiked. Never leave your drink unattended or with someone you barely know.


Tips to test for and avoid spiked drinks


Fire safety. If you are using fireworks to celebrate this New Year’s Eve, make sure you do it safely and read the following article from Dialdirect Namola emergency app Firework safety article


Planning Fireworks this New Years Eve? Here’s what you need to know