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What happens to a child in a car crash?

Brought to you by  As a parent, your first thought in a motor vehicle accident is about the safety of your child. But many parents do not use car seats properly. 1 out of every 4 parents admits to not buckling up their children on every single car trip. Road accidents are the leading cause […]

Tshwane resident assists at double accident scene

The more time you spend on the road, the higher your chances of witnessing accidents. And the more opportunities you get to help. Stopping at the scene of a motor vehicle accident just outside Tshwane and requesting emergency assistance, Petrus Vermeulen didn’t realise that his one deed would serve two needs. “About 100 meters from […]

From the Inside:Weaving the community safety net

The beginning of the year is a time of hope for many — especially for our future leaders who are enrolling at tertiary education institutions across the country. Young adults are a catalyst for change because they see the world clearly for what it ought to be, unencumbered by the cynicism or weariness that tends […]

Proactive community triumphs in Hanover Park

In the gang-ridden neighbourhood of Hanover Park, residents are combating crime together. Community members made a citizen’s arrest when a lady — waiting to see a doctor with her baby — was robbed at gunpoint at the Hanover Park Day Hospital. As gang violence cripples Hanover Park, parents worry about their children’s safety and community […]

Student safety tips for the new varsity year

Students across the country are gearing up for another year at university. For first time and returning parents, it is an exciting time. But also a time of concern. How do you ensure that your children make the most of this opportunity while staying safe? BE SMART:  Common sense on campus will go a long […]

Couple reunited after hijacking horror

Getting a call from a loved one to tell you they’re in an emergency can be very unsettling. When Thapelo Mbobosi got the call from his fiance – Zinthle Danti – to say that she was the victim in a hijacking incident, his first thought was to request help from Namola. The Namola Response Centre […]

Dialdirect advises users on how to stay safe in hijacking situations

Hijackings are up by 14.5%. We advise South Africans to be aware that there has been an alarming rise in ‘blue-light’ hijackings. To prevent becoming another statistic Warwick Scott-Rodger, Head of Dialdirect, recommends the following easy tips to stay safe: Stay alert. It’s easy to get distracted when you’re travelling the same route every day. Make […]

What to do during a robbery?

Armed Robbery is a common occurrence in South Africa, and 2016/2017 statistics reveal that it is on a steady increase. Businesses and households are both vulnerable to these attacks and it is therefore imperative to not only know how to avoid an armed robbery from occurring but what to do if you are ever involved […]

How To Help Someone Having A Heat Stroke

Request for Medical Assistance through the Namola App  if someone if the person has the following symptoms Body temperature above 39 degrees Celsius Rapid pulse Reduced sweating Disorientation Unconsciousness Seizures Warm, red, dry skin 1. Request for Medical Assistance  Heat stroke is a medical emergency. Seek immediate emergency care if you think someone might have heat […]