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How you can help Namola Agents, fast!

Brought to you by  You too can help in an emergency, by ensuring that Namola’s Response Centre Agents get you the fastest possible help. The following are our top 3 tips on the information you can give the Namola Response Centre Agent to help them coordinate your help, even faster: Update your profile information. We have […]

How you can help in a Cash-In-Transit (CIT) heist

Brought to you by   and   Cash In Transit (CIT) heists are on the increase and are fast becoming one of the biggest dangers to the South African public. Figures from the South African Banking Risk Information Council (SABRIC) show that there were 378 CIT robberies in 2017. That is, on average, over one CIT incident per […]

Safe travels with Namola

Many South Africans are already part of a neighbourhood safety initiative, such as WhatsApp safety groups. It’s a great way to bring communities together and make South Africa safer, one neighbourhood at a time. But what happens when you travel? We’ve designed Namola so that Namola goes wherever our users go. From Cape Town to […]

Easter holiday safety when travelling with kids

Brought to you by The Easter holidays are finally here. If you’re planning a road trip, then you need to be extra careful. During the Easter holidays in South Africa road accidents increase dramatically as thousands of people make their way across the country to various destinations. If you are a parent, then you’ll know […]

8-year-old boy survives hit and run

While visiting Cape Town for a friend’s wedding, Anees Moegamed Kara – a volunteer Basic Ambulance Attendant in Johannesburg – was first on the scene after witnessing a hit and run accident in Ottery. “I urgently need Advanced Life Support. An 8-year-old boy flew off a horse-drawn cart when someone drove into the back of […]

Namola helps hundreds of South Africans each week

With 140,000 downloads, Namola is one of the fast growing safety apps in South Africa. The app, supported by Dialdirect, has been endorsed by – among others – the Department of Women, Gauteng Community Safety Department and the SABC. Namola went national in November 2017 and is helping hundreds of South African users #GetHelpFast each […]

When the worst happens

Talking to one of the safety initiatives in our town, one of the directors told me about an accident where a biker had a head-on collision with a vehicle. The incident was filmed and someone on scene could be heard saying “What do I do, what do I do?” and proceeded to call the police, […]

Tech savvy? Make sure you’re also tech safe

Brought to you by Technology is an integral part of our daily lives. At the tap of a button you can make friends, support social causes and find a date. But the increasingly social dimension of technology also potentially compromises our safety and security. Social media makes it easier for someone to locate and track […]

If every good person in South Africa raised their hand

Last year, a student in my adoptive hometown of Stellenbosch was brutally murdered. As happens when tragedy strikes, a lot of discussions go around about why it happened, what could have been done to prevent it, and where to now. But what has stuck with me ever since, was the reaction of the grieving parents. […]